The GP-4 is the latest in a series of aircraft designs by George Pereira. It is a high performance, cross-country type plane, designed to extract the most speed from the power available, while keeping building costs within reasonable limits.

With two 200 pound people, 75 pounds of baggage and 52 gallons of fuel, the GP-4 will cruise 240 mph for 1,200 miles plus reserve. Fuel burn is less than 11 gallons per hour on a typical trip. See the performance specifications for more details.

Airfoil selection and drag reduction were primary considerations. The majority of construction is of wood with foam and fiberglass used in cowling and fairing areas. Design strength at full gross is 8G's and 6G's negative. This was made possible by using a massive one-piece wing spar.

Most of the airframe was built on a work table as if it were a giant model airplane. This high performance aircraft is fun to build and fun to fly! Material kits and most prefab metal components are available and described in the info pack booklet and update sheet.

Detailed construction plans are available. They consist of 57 sheets, drawn with the amateur builder in mind, plus step-by-step, photo illustrated, construction manual. See "Order" sections for more details.

The GP-4 aircraft, featured in many publications and magazine covers, has been awarded for its performance and quality of design.

Hydraulic Landing Gear Plans Now Available!

The GP-4 aircraft has a manual landing gear retracting system that is working very well. However you can now order a separate set of plans for a brand new designed hydraulic landing gear. Go to the "Order" page for more details.