Order Plans

Once you have made your decision to start a building project, order an information pack or a set of plans of your choice.

If you have further questions please call or email us at:

1+ (603) 475-0736


Make checks payable to: Osprey Aircraft. Via PayPal use: mike@mikewiltfamily.org

About the GP-4 Aircraft Set of Plans...

The GP-4 construction plans consist of 57 sheets, drawn with the amateur builder in mind, plus step-by-step, photo illustrated, construction manual.

GpP-4 Info Pac:      $17.00. In US.  Overseas $22.00  
GP-4 Plans:          $385.00 in US.   Overseas $450.00
GP-4 Hydraulic gear plans: US  $165.00. Overseas $190.  

About the Osprey 2 Aircraft Set of Plans...

Detailed construction plans of the Osprey 2 amphibian aircraft consist of 46 sheets drawn with the amateur builder in mind, plus a step-by-step, photo illustrated construction manual. 

Osprey 2  info Pac.  $17.00 in US.    $22.00 Overseas              
Plans $265.00 in US.  $330.00 Overseas.

Osprey 1 - X28 Aircraft Set of Plans...

Plans. $165.00 in US. $220.00 Overseas.