Osprey II

The Osprey 2 is a two-place amphibian with retractable landing gear. Construction is all wood, being built much like a large model airplane. The wings just outboard of the main gear are removable for towing and home storage.

Osprey 2 Aircraft

Side-by-side seating provides the hull width necessary for adequate flotation and efficient water performance. The Osprey 2 is roomy for two large people and baggage behind the seats. The sloping canopy was designed to allow a smooth airflow into the propeller and provide good visibility. When beaching, the pedestal style instrument panel allows you to step out over the nose onto the beach. See the performance specifications for more details.

Osprey 2 Aircraft

Well proven with 500 or more now flying, this 1974 design is ideal for the amateur wood worker's shop. The Osprey 2 was designed to be built, in its entirety, in a workshop with no molds required.

Detailed construction plans are available. They consist of 46 sheets, drawn with amateur builder in mind, plus step-by-step, photo illustrated, construction manual. See "Order " page for more details.

The Osprey 2 aircraft, featured in many publications and magazine covers, has been awarded for it's performance and quality of design.