X28 Sea Skimmer

Osprey 1 (Re-named X28A) by the US Navy

The Osprey 1 is a single-seat flying boat designed and built by George Pereira in 1970.  It was re-named X-28 when the US Navy commissioned the Naval Air Development Center to do a study for reconnaissance flights in the Mekong Delta during the Viet Nam war.  The aircraft was evaluated with three other entries and selected for production in South East Asia.  George was asked to help set up production; however, the war ended before production plans were finalized.  The X-28A is on display in the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum.

The Osprey 1 was designed with folding or removable outboard wings and launched from a boat type trailer.  It is very light weight (600 lbs.), and 90 H.P. gives remarkable water and climb performance.

Complete plans (including the trailer) are available for $150 U.S. plus $20 U.S. for overseas.

General characteristics

  • Crew:  1
  • Length: ft  17’ 9”
  • Wingspan: ft  24’ 9”
  • Height: ft  5’ 3”
  • Wing area:  ft2   103
  • Empty: lb  600
  • Loaded:  lb  900
  • Maximum takeoff: lb  900
  • Power plate:  1x Continental C-90-12 90 hp


  • Maximum speed:  135 mph
  • Range:  370 miles
  • Service ceiling:  17,994 ft
  • Rate of climb:  ft/min  2,200
  • Wing loading: lb/m2  9 sq. ft.



American X-Vehicles (.pdf)